Cobbler segfaults when started using init.d script


You’ve successfully installed Cobbler to help with the automatic provisioning of machines on your network. You’ve performed the initial Cobbler daemon configuration and you now need to start the daemon and begin creating distribution/configuration profiles.

The Issue

On attempting to start the Cobbler daemon via the init.d script, you get a segmentation fault as follows:

Segmentation fault cobblerd --daemonize

Running cobblerd –daemonize from the command line, successfully starts the Cobbler daemon. Attempting to launch cobblerd –daemonize from a minimal working init.d script, once again causes the segfault.

The Fix

The issue is related to SELinux. I was unable to find what directive needs to be set to allow the Cobbler daemon to be spawned from an init.d script, but disabling SELinux fixed the issue.