Cobbler import CentOS (minimal/netinstall) ISO fails


I setup a Cobbler server for the purpose of automatically provisioning CentOS (development) machines on the network. I wanted to use the CentOS netinstall ISO as the starting point, a minimal base, which I would further customise with a configuration management system like Puppet (I prefer and use Salt). When Cobbler failed to import the CentOS netinstall image, I tried the CentOS minimal image, which also failed to import. At this point, I was beginning to think that my Cobbler setup was at fault. As it turns out, you need to use/import the CentOS DVD (see below); this is most likely attributed to the different directory structures that exist between the CentOS netinstall/minimal and DVD images.

The Issue

Importing CentOS (netintstall/minimal) images fails. I tried a number of different versions of CentOS (5.7, 6.2, 6.3) and attempted to import them using the following command:

cobbler import --path=/mnt/centos --name=CentOS

All the imports ultimately failed with the following error:

Found a redhat compatible signature: Packages
adding distros
No distros imported, bailing out

The Fix

To fix the issue, I downloaded and imported the CentOS (6.3) DVD (DVD1).