All my code (including my contributions to free software/open-source projects) can be found on (a Gogs instance – free software similar in functionality to GitHub).

AirSail Transfer

AirSail Transfer allows you to easily transfer files between a computer (e.g. a PC, laptop, or Mac) and your SailfishOS device (e.g. Jolla phone), using the computer’s web browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE).

See the AirSail Transfer project page for more information.


YaSplit is a program for splitting a single audio track into multiple audio tracks. YaSplit can be used as either a graphical application, or a command-line application.

See the YaSplit project page for more information.

SailSync ownCloud

SailSync ownCloud is an application for synchronising files between your SailfishOS mobile device, and your ownCloud (or NextCloud) server instance.

See the SailSync ownCloud project page for more information.

My ( Ansible roles

A collection of more than 20 different Ansible roles (including a helper tool for bootstrapping a server for Ansible, deploying an SOE, and server-specific customisations).

See the initial release announcement for more information.

Continuous Delivery

This service allows willing users to more easily test and provide feedback on the latest changes I make to my applications. Every time I commit a code change, the service will build the corresponding application and make it available for download.

You can find the service at